Review Policy

To authors and publishers, 
If interested in having your book featured or reviewed on Gemini Perspective, please keep these guidelines in mind before contacting me;

- I am not accepting self-published books at this time.

- I accept PDF format, however, I am willing to review a physical copy of a book as long as the shipping is paid for in advance. (ARC copies are welcome!)

- The book is within a genre that is featured on my blog. 

My favorite genres include: YA (any and all), historical fiction, romance, horror/thriller/mystery, erotica (I am picky about this one)

Genres I will not accept: Non-fiction, religious fiction, middle grade or children's books 

- By accepting or receiving a book, I do not guarantee that it will be read or posted on my blog immediately. I will try my very best to read and review in a timely manner, but understand that I have other books I am committed to reviewing as well (and an actual life, on top of that!). If you have a time frame for when you expect the review to be posted, please let me know, as that will greatly influence my decision on whether or not I will review a book. If the book is an ARC copy, I will try and publish the review on or around the release date.

- I reserve the right to not finish your book if I discover that it's not a good fit for me. Reviewing books is a hobby of mine (and not a job), and I love reading too much to spend time reading books that I'm not enjoying. If this happens, I will e-mail you and let you know, and I will also not post a review of it on my blog, or anywhere else. It would not be fair for me to rate a book without reading the entire thing.

- All reviews will be my honest opinion and could potentially contain negative comments regarding the book. Reviews will not be malicious, but will be addressing the problems I had with the book. Please understand that I will not write a glowing review just because you sent me the book. If you cannot take constructive criticism, please do not ask me to review your book. 

- I reserve the right to decline a review offer for various reasons. If I do pass up an opportunity, rest assured, I will give you the reason why in a return email. 

FTC Disclaimer:

Each and every book featured on my blog was either given to me free from the publisher/author/publicist, purchased on my own, or gifted to me by friends and family. My opinions of these books are my own honest thoughts, and are in no way influenced by how I acquired them. I am not a paid blogger, and receive no compensation or punishment for my reviewspositive or negative. 

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